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When Is The Right Time To Write Your IELTS test?

IELTS is an expensive test and extremely essential if you are planning to process your PR application or applying for a course in an English-speaking country. It is one of the crucial stages you need to achieve towards fulfilling the requirements for your dream life or career.

However, many test-takers are required to take this test several times as they do not manage to score their desired results. Mind you, many of them have been working hard and preparing themselves for this important test. Yet, they end up feeling rejected and miserable.

One of the primary reasons for this being that these test-takers do not evaluate or review their preparedness for the test. Sitting in the exam-hall on the test-day, holding the test paper is not the best moment to review your preparation. It must be done, much prior to signing up for the test. Also, many candidates do not realize what their flaws and lacunas are, to judge if they are yet prepared or not.

This article would share some of the easiest methods through which you can check your preparation levels for this test:

a. Listening- Are you able to follow the dialogues while watching an English movie, without any subtitles?

b. Reading- Can you extract vital information from a variety of reading materials, such as pamphlets, user manuals, brochures, et al?

c. Writing- Are you able to express your thoughts and ideas in writing? Offer your written texts to a friend or an expert to know if you are communicating in accurate grammar.

d. Speaking- Are you able to narrate the story line of a movie or a book in English, using a variety of expressions?

e. Are you familiar with the format of the test, and the key strategies required for each module?

If not, it is time to upgrade your preparation by seeking the help of a friend or an expert trainer to ensure that you are not throwing away your money in merely repeating the test.

Don’t just Work Hard, but Work Smart!

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1 Comment

Alex Nicolescu
Alex Nicolescu
Nov 25, 2020

Very eloquently put.

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