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How do we learn?

English has become important in everyone’s life. There are various ways of learning as well as teaching, everywhere. Seldom would interested learners like to seek a tutor or a teacher. It may sound formal for them or seem like it simply restricts their freedom to learn. However, I would like to assure them that to learn is “to communicate” rather than “to be dictated” by the teacher of what to do. The question here is: How can learners do this?

My quick answer is: by “communicating” openly and truly to what you want to learn. Peace of mind and peace of heart could not be easily attained nowadays with all the challenges and the risks that people are facing. Obviously, we need to relax a little bit. For sure, you need to enjoy what you learn and to happily live it. However, there are some essential guidelines and some basic tricks or what we call today “hacks” to follow, or at least to be aware of, in order to manage a fabulous experience of “learning”.

Here, we come. We, at EAP Teachers, have been through a fantastic experience at a course of training together, where we have marvellously exchanged not only the academic values of teaching English to non-native speakers, but also the brilliant techniques of how to learn from each other. Our professionalism has been enhanced with better human awareness and vigilance, which can “communicate” more than an enjoyable learning experience which goes beyond the mere linguistic or academic ones.

We are ready to share these magnificent vibes with you.

Have Fun Learning English with us!

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