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Business English and our positive learning community

I was reading an article in the Harvard Business Review (sic! I read those!) in which they were giving some advice to business professionals on how to improve their English, with the pressure to speak English in the workplace increasing by the day. Among the usual (and very true) tips like “believe in yourself”, “create learning habits”, “use authentic English study materials” there was one that caught my eye specifically: “join a positive learning community”. They continue to say that “while there are plenty of good learning apps on the market, our own research (...) shows that learners still benefit from having an effective teacher and a supportive learning community”. I cannot agree more! Various studies have shown that adult learners perform better while studying in a supportive environment, led by a certified English Teacher. At EAP Teachers, I know our goal is to provide exactly that. We have designed our weekly English for Business group classes to tackle communication in a business setting with precisely that scope in mind. Not only the learners can benefit from the communicative setting and very relevant topics, but they can benefit from the friendly, relaxed, engaging and utterly motivating environment that our EAP Teachers carefully and intentionally put in place. As I continued reading the article which totally resonated with our own business philosophy, it just felt good to have some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. Will this resonate with our potential clients? Time will tell but we surely hope so...

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