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5 Easy Steps To Improve Your English Language Learning

Here are 5 easy steps to improve your English language learning:

1. Make it fun

No need to use boring old textbooks and grammar exercises. How about watching a favourite movie in English with no subtitles? Or read a book or an article about something that is interesting for you?

2. Do it everyday

It is better to spend 10 minutes a day, every day, than an hour once a week. When you repeat words and structures daily, they tend to stay in your active memory and are easy to retrieve when needed. Besides, when you make it a habit and enjoy doing it, you will see how the 10 minutes will stretch to 15 or to half an hour, easily.

3. Practice

Use each opportunity to practice your communication. It could be while you are traveling or during a company business meeting. Try to speak as much as possible with others or even practice in front of the mirror. Also, improve your writing skills by sending emails or just chat or comment in social media apps.

4. Make mistakes

Yes, please – make mistakes. No one ever started to speak a new language fluently. Mistakes are your friends. They help you understand what is missing in your knowledge or in your practice. But to learn from them, you should allow yourself to make them in the first place.

5. Don’t forget to review

By studying a little everyday it amounts to a lot at the end of the week or the end of the month. Plan a day to check your weekly progress. Go back and look at all the notes that you took, review the new vocabulary and grammar. When you feel more confident in your knowledge take a test or a practical quiz. And the most important part – celebrate your achievements!

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