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Mix and Match our one-hour long ESL Drop-In Workshops to start practicing your English in a real-life communicative setting. Read with others, listen, write and learn but most importantly, speak!  All our workshops address the receptive skills but will mainly focus on your productive skills - that is your ability to actually express yourself in English.  See immediate improvements of any and all your English skills with no effort, no homework, no fuss.


These instructor-led workshops are ideal for ESL learners of all ages who have little other opportunity to interact with native speakers and like-minded individuals under the guidance of TESL certified teachers. 

A unique, affordable, enjoyable and efficient way to learn and practice English in a safe and friendly environment! 

Also ideal for newcomers to Canada and immigrant family members who want to learn more about living and working here, or for international students wishing to study and live in Canada.

Our workshops for adults focus on topics related to Canada and our wonderful and unique way of life. Real life tips and English learning, all in one! Sounds good, eh?

We have designed our courses for adults based on various levels of English proficiency: Beginners and Intermediate. 

Join-in last minute or book our package sessions in advance, our ESL workshops will soon become your best friend, especially during the long, cold Canadian winters!  

Click the buttons below to book the online Drop-In Workshops that are right for you!

We offer so much flexibility, you can book each individual session separately or take advantage of our multi-session package: The ESL High Flyer.

If you are unsure which level is for you, book our 15 min free consultation with a Superstar EAP Teacher by clicking on the round button below and we will make the right recommendation for you while you enjoy your coffee!




Our On-line Drop-In Workshops for Adults are available as follows:


Tuesdays -  Beginners 6 pm to 7 pm EST and Intermediate 7 pm  - 8 pm EST



Thursdays - Beginners 6 pm to 7 pm EST and Intermediate 7 pm  - 8 pm EST


Reserve a spot now by clicking on the buttons below:

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