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You thought getting a job, that job!,was the hardest part! (Well, for some it is, that's why we offer our help with interview preparation).  But let's go one step further. Let's say you are already employed. The ugly truth is that the language and communication challenges only now begin. Every day you run into a block in communication, every day you might need to put out a fire due to a misunderstanding, an unforeseen conflict, the feeling you could not articulate your idea (and what a great idea it was!). How often do you feel like you failed to persuade your boss, a colleague or a client to listen to you? You are asking yourself "What would it take for me to be able to  talk like those professionals in the YouTube videos?"


You know you need to improve your English for Business but don't know where to start?

Let's make it easy for you! Start by taking our one minute Free Needs Assessment.

Click the button and answer a few short questions.

Based on your answers  you will get a personalized 1-2-3  step guide. 

Stang-up Meeting

Improve your English for Business

Choose from our group courses or learn individually with a Superstar EAP Teacher. Watch your English for Business and your Soft Skills improve immediately. 

Woman on the Phone

Get Ready for Your Interview

In just one hour with one of our Superstar EAP Teachers, you will get closer to acing the interview for your dream job.  

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